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Overview of current and future programs:

Infant and Toddler Project Committee

Currently the primary activity of the Infant and Toddler Project Committee is to secure funds for the Hana School to operate a quality childcare for high school students with children, school staff, and area working families.  This will enable students to stay in school, staff to focus on their work and families to be employed.  Funding this daycare will help increase the high school graduation rates, help recruit and retain quality school staff, and it will reduce the number of area families needing public assistance. 

Recreational Project Committee

Hana Athletics This sub-committee is similar to an athletic booster club.  The primary activity of this sub-committee is to supplement the cost of students’ participation in school athletics.  We will provide teams travel shirts and meal supplement for overnight and state tournament travel.  We will provide and supplement travel to pre- and post-season tournaments.  We will provide miscellaneous athletic supplies to athletes who cannot afford needed personal equipment.  We will support the continuing education of coaches and athletic department staff at Hana High School.  We will also support the improvement of the recreational facilities at Hana High and Elementary School. 

Hana Skate Park This program is raising funds and organizing the building of a Skate Park in Hana. The Skate Park is a public/private partnership between Maui County and private donors. Phase I of the Skate Park opened in May 2012 bringing much needed recreational options to the Hana community. 

Literacy Project Committee

Dolly Parton Imagination Library The Imagination Library program provides new, age appropriate books for all registered area children under 5 years old.  The community only pays for cost of mailing the books. FHK manages the registration of all area participants.

Summer Reading Program This program is designed to keep elementary students from suffering from the “Summer Slide”— where students lose educational ground because they may not be as stimulated as they are during the school year. This eight week program will be open to all elementary students and will include student transportation. 

Alumni Project Committee

Keiki Garden Program The Keiki Garden program teaches elementary age children about farming and growing sustainable crops.  The program focuses on learning to grow and feed your family healthy foods and learning about agriculture as a career. 

Scholarship Program The Scholarship Program was formed to provide a way for individuals and businesses to set up scholarships for graduating Hana High School seniors or students from Hana already enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate.

School Supply Program This program raises funds to provide our children needed school supplies, and enable the teacher to use up-to-the-minute classroom materials to enrich their students’ educational experience.