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School Supply Fund

Update: The Walmart Foundation donated $2000 to the School Supply Fund through their facility giving program! This donation will be used to purchase flash drives for all the middle and high school students. When shopping this holiday season, please thank our local Walmart for supporting our application and making learning easier for the students of Hana School.

We have raised over $800 to buy needed physical education eqipment for both the Elementary and Middle School students. We were able to purchase junior size balls and other equipment which are much better for younger students. 

In addition, this fund has been able to fund many classroom supplies this school year. Through this fund we also had a Cannon camera and memory cards donated for the high school to use in documenting work. 

Look for information about the 2012-13 School Year Fund soon!

Help ensure our students are equipped to learn!

Hana School faces many challenges.  The State of Hawaii gives money to schools based on the number of students enrolled.  There are simply not enough students to generate funds to provide everything needed at Hana School.  Funds which other schools might be used for classroom supplies and hand-on learning activities must be used for personnel just to meet basic requirements.  Most schools would be consolidated to make ends meet. But because of the great distances to the nearest schools consolidation for Hana is not possible.

The student population of Hana School is over 80% native Hawaiian or part-Hawaiian.  Many of the families live a simple rural lifestyle.  Not all homes have electricity, telephones or running water. As the fourth poorest community in the state, 41% of families fall below federal poverty guidelines.  About 80% of the students attending Hana School qualify for free or reduced lunch. 

The down turn of the economy has struck Hana particularly hard.  Hana’s biggest employer, Hotel Hana Maui, was sold three times in six years.  New owners have laid off many of the staff that struggled to keep the doors open over this time.  County and state layoffs, furloughs, foreclosures and a dearth of any other jobs also have combined with a nationally slow economy that has hurt Hana’s flower and food exports. 

Back-to-School time is difficult for many families struggling to live paycheck-to- paycheck.  An average family with three children enrolled in school might have to spend nearly $100 per child to purchase school supplies, required gym shoes and backpacks.  This extra outlay of cash is often too much for families to handle.  Teachers report many student start school with few or no supplies.  And because of the school funding situation the school cannot provide these needed items. 

Friends of Hana Keiki is working to help the children of the Hana District succeed in school.  We are raising funds to get them the school supplies they need.  Our hope is to raise enough so the students only need to provide gym shoes and a backpack.  Everything else they need will be given directly to the teachers to distribute throughout the year.

For $40 you can provide one child’s full year of supplies.  For an additional $10--($50 total)-- you will help fund a pool of money for teachers to access for hands-on learning activities to make learning come to life.  Please consider giving to ensure our students are equipped to learn!

Your donation will provide the following supplies to Hana classrooms:

Friends of Hana Keiki was created last year to accept tax deductible donations to be used exclusively to benefit keiki from Keanae to Kaupo. Our group works with Hana School and other community organizations to identify the needs of area children and fund and promote programs which are not provided through traditional school and community funding sources.